From Rome, at home everywhere

Growing up, I was taught the value of rolling up the sleeves and embracing every sacrifice as a learning opportunity.
I have tried almost any job since my late high-school days: from waiter to Uber driver, from tour guide to delivery rider, from store assistant to gardener.
Despite none of these experiences would show up on my CV, they are probably worth more than most of what you’ll find in there.

To Hell and back, over and over

At the age of 17, I spent 10 months in a town close to Hell (MI), navigating the ups and downs of high-school life in rural America.
Initially unable to speak proper English, I had to learn the hard way that words like “pop” and “vernors” may not be understood out of state.
As expected, I ended up falling in love with lakes, waterfalls, and outdoor activities – which is why I keep going back for vacation.

Londoner, for a while

Upon completion of my graduate studies at Bayes Business School, I have advised clients across a variety of industries as a strategy consultant for Sevendots, Ernst & Young, and 3Horizons, a boutique firm originated from a McKinsey spinoff.
In parallel, I have featured as guest speaker in MBA-level courses at Bayes Business School and as part-time teaching assistant at ESCP Business School (London campus).

Finally, in the Mecca of Academia

By the end of the emergency phase of the COVID-19 pandemic, I had found my main passion in academia.
The preparation of my doctoral application package kept me awake at nights and busy over the weekends during Fall 2021.
The following Spring, I accepted the PhD offer from the Management & Organizations department at Boston University.
I have been based in Boston (MA) since Summer 2022.