Hello, I am Valerio

I am a PhD student in Management & Organizations at the Questrom School of Business of Boston University.
I worked for the strategy practice of professional service firms in London, assisting corporates and SMEs across energy, mobility, and manufacturing sectors.

Organization Theory

Qualitative Research

Interviews, Observations, Ethnographies

Collective Actions

Radicals, Protests, Convergence

Grassroot Innovation

Motivation, Authenticity, Divergence

For Academia

I am interested in the micro-level foundations of organization theory and social evaluations.

Recent advancements in technology and society have led to a proliferation of non-hierarchical organizational forms, uncoordinated collective actions, and novel intra-group dynamics. Alignment requires delicate mediation across conflicting individual judgements and motivations. Yet, even when a balance is struck, it is often rather precarious. I am fascinated by the manifestation of these tensions and the organizational arrangements leading to their resolution.

I have conducted longitudinal and cross-sectional research blending archival data, digital interviews, and participant observations. I have presented my work at academic conferences in the US and Europe – including European Group for Organization Studies (EGOS) Colloquium and Academy of Management (AOM) Annual Conference.

For Practice

Failing to plan means planning to fail, yet research shows that it’s implementation the real problem.

Almost two business plans out of three fail due to poor execution. Leaders spend a great amount of time in the planning phase, often in isolation. Plans are then “imposed” onto those who are tasked with the implementation. This mechanism generates lack of commitment from the important stakeholders of any business plan – the implementers.

I have a 3-year experience supporting SMEs in the formulation and execution of their business plans. I provide entrepreneurs with industry foresights, customer value assessments, and competitor analysis to inform their decision-making. My methodology blends the use of a digital platform for data and codified management theory with coaching sessions that enable alignment, commitment, and discipline.